Montenegro investments

Our catalog of Montenegro investments cover a wide variety of real estates such as exclusive apartments, spacious villas, off-plan developments, and renovation projects on the waterfront. By buying property here, you will get the unique chance to profit from the highly sought-after coastal real estate, as well as take part in the exclusive Citizenship by Investment Program. Explore our extensive offer and find the perfect property for your next big investment!

Montenegro investments - a unique opportunity to profit in the country with growing tourism

Being a country with beautiful nature, rich cultural heritage, and long coast with amazing beaches, it is no wonder that Montenegro attracts more and more tourists every year. 

However, due to its stable currency and favorable tax policy, the country of Montenegro is a lucrative place for investment as well, which is proven by the constant growth of foreign investors who choose to invest in a property located in a popular tourist area.

The diversity of the property in question is one of the key strengths of the Montenegrin real estate market. Montenegro investments include residential property such as spacious villas and family houses on the seafront, as well as exclusive apartments with additional amenities, located in modern residential complexes.

Off-plan property, development and renovation projects, plots with planning, and unfinished residential and commercial premises located in popular tourist areas are also highly lucrative Montenegro investments that can be adjusted to your own liking

Acquire the Montenegrin passports by buying property

nvesting in Montenegro real estate makes you eligible for obtaining Montenegrin citizenship and passport through the Citizenship by Investment Program.

The Program was launched by the Government of Montenegro in 2019, in order to grow the country's economy by encouraging the growing number of foreign investors interested in Montenegro property investment. The procedure applies for both apartments for sale in Montenegro, as well as houses for sale in Montenegro.

Namely, if you choose to invest in Montenegro, buying property of a certain value and donating to a governmental fund gives you the opportunity to apply for obtaining a Montenegrin passport, as well as Montenegrin citizenship.

In order to be eligible for participating in the CBI, you must invest in a property approved by the government. The minimum price for participating is EUR 250,000 for a real estate project in the Northern regions of the country and EUR 450,000 for a project in the coastal regions of the country or in the capital Podgorica, while the donation to a government development fund must be at least EUR 100,000.

Our offer includes government-approved property eligible for this program. Explore our selection of premium real estate and find a property to your liking!

Montenegro buying property - choose the perfect property for your next investment

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial property to invest in, our extensive offer is bound to provide the best Montenegro investments that will match your vision!

Explore between numerous residential properties suitable for living in or renting to tourists, as well as commercial facilities located in tourism hotspots, and choose the perfect Montenegro real estate investment that will suit your preferences!

Before you make a purchase, we highly recommend you to contact professionals for the property evaluation of your future property in Montenegro, especially if you are not familiar with the market, for the best investment.


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