Houses for sale in Bar Montenegro

Houses for sale in Bar Montenegro offer a wide variety of property with the best price-quality ratio, which satisfies the needs of a broad spectrum of clients. Small affordable houses, spacious multiple-level houses, or majestic villas - explore our unique offer and let us help you find the the best house for sale in Bar Montenegro!

Houses for sale in Bar Montenegro - your best future investment

Bar is the largest coastal town in Montenegro and an important center of Montenegrin tourism. That is exactly why the properties located in the area of Bar make an important part of the Montenegro property market - more and more foreigners choose to invest in a Bar villa or house.

Thanks to their location, houses for sale in Bar Montenegro enjoy great popularity in the Montenegrin real estate market. In the city of Bar, you can enjoy a mixture of modern and ancient influences.

The new town of Bar offers its townspeople and visitors rich and pleasing architecture, modern squares, wide boulevards, and coastal promenades to enjoy on long sunny days. In a contrast, the old town of Bar lures its visitors in with a captivating ancient archeological site.

For those who wish to enjoy both the privileges of modern and luxurious life, as well as explore the ancient times and all its mysteries, houses for sale in Bar Montenegro are a perfect choice!

Bar Montenegro house for sale - great quality at an affordable price

As a general rule, there are more houses for sale in Bar than, for example, in Budva or some other coastal cities. The price of every Bar Montenegro house for sale varies depending on the quality of the building, its location, and additional amenities, but they are almost always less expensive than in other coastal areas. 

The city of Bar has a good infrastructure, a charming port that connects Montenegro to Italy, and a railroad that connects Bar with the capital of our neighboring country, Serbia. In addition, the international airport of Montenegro is about forty-five minutes away by car.

If you choose to buy a Bar Montenegro house for sale in the city or in a nearby village like Dobra Voda, you will provide yourself with exquisite property in a fantastic area! Choose a charming stone house or a large villa with a swimming pool and other amenities and find your perfect home!

Houses for sale Bar - villa or a stone house in the wine region, it's yours to choose!

If you're looking for a villa or a stone house, Bar is the perfect place for you!

Apart from being well connected to other parts of Europe, this charming town is located in Bar municipality, which is proud to have Lake Skadar National Park, a precious jewel of Montenegrin nature, as a part of its territory.

The Bar municipality is also known as the wine region of Montenegro with many small, family-run wineries, and is becoming a tourism hot spot. If you wish to experience both the vibrant life of a tourism center and the beautiful charms of small wineries and majestic nature, choose Bar Montenegro as your new home!

Our selection of houses for sale in Bar Montenegro features various properties of different sizes, locations, and additional amenities. Choose a cozy yet spacious and bright stone house in Bar, or opt for a magnificent and luxurious Bar villa with a swimming pool, multiple bedrooms, and bathrooms on each floor.

If you're interested in an apartment for sale in Bar Montenegro, look further into our offer.

Also, we highly recommend you contact us for the property evaluation of your chosen Bar Montenegro house for sale, and we will help you with everything you need but are not experienced in regarding the Montenegro real estate market