Apartments in Bar Montenegro

Apartments in Bar Montenegro offer a wide range of property, from comfortable studio apartments to luxurious and spacious multiple-bedroom apartments. You can choose between property with a calming sea view, as well as those with an amazing view over the majestic mountains. Look into our catalog and find an apartment that has everything you need for a pleasant life!

Apartments in Bar - a diverse offer in the heart of Montenegrin tourism

As the largest coastal town in Montenegro, Bar offers a wide variety of property that will satisfy even the most demanding of tastes. It is one of the most important centers of Montenegrin tourism, which makes apartments in Bar a great opportunity for investment.

Do you need an affordable and cozy studio apartment equipped with all the necessities for a comfortable life, or are you looking for spacious new luxury apartments in Bar with additional amenities? Whichever apartment you need, the Bar real estate market has them all.

Whatever you dream of, you will find it here. Explore our catalog, find a property to your liking and settle down in this amazing coastal town!

The town of Bar - a place of great experiences and unforgettable moments

Bar is a town located in the south of Montenegro and is the biggest coastal town and the largest seaport in the country.  It is comprised of two parts - the old town and the new town, both of which offer diverse opportunities and unforgettable experiences to its residents and visitors.

The old town of Bar features an ancient archeological site that attracts many tourists every year. It is located 110 m above sea level and is surrounded by lovely fruit gardens and olive groves.

Here, visitors can see the remains of old buildings such as the Cathedral of Saint George dating back from the 11th century, as well as the remains of the churches of Saint Ekaterina and St Nikolas. The remains of the town’s walls overlook the seaport and the new town of Bar, offering a stunning view to all of those who make an effort to visit.

The new Bar is a modern town with many restaurants and cafés, modern squares and wide boulevards with numerous shops. Here you can spend your days enjoying the vibrant life and architectural styles that please the eye. Those who like shopping will love it here - in Bar, there are a lot of shops that offer items of famous Italian brands at low prices.

Bar is also known for its floral diversity. The flora of Bar lets you enjoy the fragrance and the pleasing sight of various Mediterranean plants such as oleanders, pines, palms, and agaves. However, it is best known for its numerous olive groves, which make Bar the main supplier of olives in Montenegro.

New luxury apartments in Bar offer everything you need for an extraordinary experience

Contrary to other tourism centers such as Budva, the Bar real estate market offers more houses than apartments. However, the apartments Bar has to offer to its buyers, especially the new luxury apartments in Bar, are definitely worth your while.

Spacious apartments with amazing views over the sea or the mountains are bound to become your love at first sight! Additional amenities they offer, such as pools, gardens, security systems, and the vicinity of important facilities and the coast will offer you the luxurious life you've always dreamed of!

Explore our offer of apartments in Bar and find an apartment that will satisfy all your needs and desires!

Apartments Bar - find your perfect life in the wine region of Montenegro

Bar is the ideal place for a vibrant life, and for your new investment!

This coastal town is well-connected to all parts of Europe. It has a port that connects Montenegro to Italy, and the international airport in Podgorica is no more than forty-five minutes away by car. Additionally, Montenegro has a good road infrastructure and is connected to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, with a railroad.

The Bar municipality is known for the diversity of experiences it offers to its visitors. Here lies the Lake Skadar National Park, the largest freshwater lake in the Balkans. Additionally, in this area, you can enjoy good wine from small family wineries, as the Bar municipality is also known as the wine region of Montenegro.

If you want to lead a life that combines all the attractions of a coastal tourist spot, as well as enjoy the wonders of Montenegrin nature, explore our offer of apartments for sale in Bar and choose your dream property!

Before you make your choice, we highly recommend you to contact us for our property evaluation services, so that we can help you choose the best apartment for your future investment in this beautiful area.


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