Perast Real Estate

Perast Real Estate

Perast Real Estate are the perfect choice for those who are looking for property in a unique part of Montenegro. Perast is a charming old town in the Bay of Kotor and one of the best-preserved towns in Montenegro and on the entire Adriatic coast. Explore our catalog of Perast properties for sale, choose a perfect house or apartment, and start your new life in one of the most popular destinations in Montenegro. Our experienced agents are at your disposal.

Perast Montenegro Real Estate - Properties in a quiet and peaceful part of Montenegro

Perast is situated a few kilometres from Kotor, one of the touristic centres in Montenegro. Perast beaches are part of the famous Boka Bay, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Unlike other popular destinations in Montenegro, Perast is considered a much quieter, intimate and peaceful town where you can feel like a local.  There are no cruise ship crowds and no loud clubs. You can enjoy your walk on the narrow streets, beautiful views and amazing sunsets by the shore.

This charming town is a perfect place for those looking to buy a property in Montenegro to start a new life without feeling like a tourist. 

Choose a Perast property and enjoy local attractions

Perast has a vibrant and fascinating history. During its golden age, this town used to be a trading port and maritime training center. Trading with Venice is one of the reasons why the city developed rapidly. 

As mentioned, Perast is one of the best-preserved towns in Montenegro, which is why attractive squares and churches in this town are very well preserved, and they represent one of the most significant parts of Perast. These monuments today are very interesting for tourists. 

One of the reasons why property for sale in Perast is in high demand are the attractive Perast’s islands. Sveti Đorđe (St. George) and Gospa od Škrpjela (Our Lady of the Rocks), famous for their chapels surrounded by the sea, are the only artificial islands in the Adriatic. These attractions can be visited by boat from Perast.

Perast Property for Sale - Great Place to Live and Start a Business

Perast properties in our catalog are perfect if you want to start a new life in this beautiful town in Montenegro, but they are also a good business opportunity

Places for accommodation in Perast are in high demand during the summer, which is why buying an apartment or house is undoubtedly a good investment. From modern apartments to intimate houses and real estate by the beachfront - we offer you a wide selection of Perast real estate.

Find Your Perfect Perast Montenegro Real Estate With Our Help

If you want to lead a life in one of the charming parts of Boka Bay, Montenegro and the Adriatic coast, explore our offer of houses, apartments, and lands for sale in Perast!

Before you make your choice, we highly recommend you contact us for our property evaluation services, so that we can help you choose the best property for your future investment in this beautiful area.