Lustica 7


Did you know that "Lustica Bay" real estate developement has 3 different types of properties to meet everyones requirements: Centrale Apartments, Marina Village and Chedi Residences? We will help you find the most suitable property in this exciting place.

We understand that navigating through the multitude of options available in the "Lustica Bay" complex can be challenging and confusing due to the various:

  • names of buildings,

  • specific units with their ID numbers, sizes, prices,

  • payment options and completion dates.

In response, we have designated a dedicated agent to assist you in this process without any pressure or obligation.

Simply ask us your questions, and we will utilize our experience to make your journey through this essential aspect of the process more efficient and pleasant.

Rest assured that if you ultimately decide that the complex is not of interest to you, we will not hassle you with calls or emails thereafter.

Masterplan lustica bay