About us

We are a genuine and hard working local agency, with more than a 14 years of successful partnerships with our clients. We have three offices along the coast and a very large portfolio of properties.

Ivan Dasic

Ivan dasic head of sales partner

 Head of Sales – Partner

Sasa Vukcevic

Sasa vukicevic   montenegro prospects   profilna

 Head of Opertaions – Partner

Ivana Vukicevic

Ivana vukicevic head of property porfolio partner

Head of Property Porfolio – Partner

Marija Baboshkina

Marija baboshkina senior sales agent

Senior Sales Agent

Bojana Dujovic

Bojana dujovic sales agent

Sales Agent

Ivan Djurdjevac

Ivan djurdjevac senior sales agent

Senior Sales Agent

Iko Vukicevic

Iko vukicevic sales assistant

Sales Agent

Milica Lompar

Milica lompar sales assistant

Sales Agent

Karina Monahova

Karina monahova sales agent

Sales Agent

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The company Montenegro Prospects and I have been cooperating for 10 years. During this time, with their help, I have bought four buildings, some of which in the last half a year. I can say with conviction that the service of this company is very professional, and most importantly, always focused on the personal needs of the client. They always provide objective information and have never attempted the concealment of possible risks, which is very unusual in the Montenegrin market and very important. I can recommend the company Montenegro Prospects and I remain one of their grateful clients.

Oleg Reps, Russia