Lustica Bay and Tivat houses for sale

Lustica Bay and Tivat houses for sale within your reach! Explore our catalog of houses in a growing nautical tourism center and find your dream home!

Tivat houses for sale and houses in Lustica Bay are properties greatly sought-after among many foreign investors, and for a good reason. As a coastal town located in the beautiful Bay of Kotor, Tivat is a well-known tourist resort, that is becoming a growing center of nautical tourism. Explore our diverse catalog of amazing houses and villas i Tivat, and find your dream house in this striking area!

Tivat houses for sale - amazing properties that suit every taste

If you're looking for houses for sale, Tivat Montenegro is a perfect choice! Tivat is a beautiful coastal town in Montenegro, located in the central part of the Bay of Kotor. It is a popular destination for yacht owners and enthusiasts because in its nearby area lies Porto Montenegro ‒ a high-class yacht marina.

Houses for sale in Tivat Montenegro vary from cozy little cottages to big villas and stone houses. Their price range also varies quite a lot, which is rather appealing to many people. So, whether you are searching for a small and affordable house or a majestic villa, Tivat has something for everyone!

House for sale Tivat Montenegro - find your dream home in this amazing nautical area

If you want to find a reasonably priced house for sale, Tivat Montenegro is the right place for you. Tivat houses for sale, as well as those in Lustica Bay have the best price-quality ratio.

Whether it's a cottage, a stone house, or a villa, Tivat offers diverse properties that will match a broad spectrum of needs and demands, at the best price. If you're ready to find your dream home, or even apartment in Tivat, explore our offer and choose a real estate to your liking!

From a striking vila in Tivat to a Lustica village house

Close to the town of Tivat lies Lustica Bay, a newly developed, luxurious marina town, with majestic houses and spacious villas, just like those in Tivat, waiting just for you.

Every Lustica house offers diverse amenities to its residents, such as pools, gardens, security systems, spacious bedrooms, a sea view and various facilities in the residential area nearby. Here you can enjoy waterfront properties and five-star hotels, as well as exquisite restaurants and numerous golf facilities.

For those who want something more moderate or a quieter kind of lifestyle, a Lustica village house will be a perfect fit. Among other real Tivat real estates, Lustica's market offers beautiful stone cottages you will fall in love with.

Explore our diverse offer of Tivat houses for sale and contact us for the property evaluation of your chosen Tivat or Lustica house, especially if you are not familiar with the Montenegrin market for the best investment