House in the Lustica Peninsula, only few minutes from the famous Zanjic beach

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The house is located in the Lustica Peninsula (Bay of Kotor in southwestern Montenegro), in a village called Rovanac 1.2 miles from the famous Zanjic Beach.
The main house is split into 5 apartments, each one with a separate entrance, bedroom, living room and, bathroom. Another, smaller house, is located in the same yard, with two bedrooms and a bathroom. Given that the peninsula doesn’t have a water supply system, the house is built on three underground water tanks/cisterns with around 100m3 (cubic meters). The cistern located right in the middle of the yard, in front of the house, can be easily converted into an open pool. The house is on sale along with a parking lot accommodating more than 10 vehicles. There's a separate, fully equipped bathroom behind the house with an outdoor shower.
The peninsula has an ideal geographic location, between the mountain and the sea; the nearest beach is Zanjic Beach famous for the crystal clear sea water. The house is surrounded with beautiful pine trees. Perfect location for wild nature lovers. The house may be used for commercial purposes.

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