Stone houses and ruins in a quiet place, Kameno, Herceg Novi

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Old stone ruins and a house on a spacious plot, Kameno

The total plot area is 1819m2 and consists of four cadastral parcels. The area of ​​the first plot is 398m2 on which there is a ruin of 55m2 and an auxiliary building of 30m2 where there is a guvno. The area of ​​the second plot is 1117m2 which is registered as pasture. The area of ​​the third plot is 130m2 and it is registered as a meadow. The area of ​​the fourth plot is 174m2 and there are ruins of 27m2 and 54m2 and an auxiliary building of 12m2. On the fourth plot is a stone house where people lived until recently and it is in good condition. It has electricity, a wood stove that is in operation.

All four plots are physically separated and located a few meters away. A public road has been drawn between them, which has not been built yet but exists. The road to the settlement is almost finished and ends a little below these ruins. Currently, the ruins are reached by stairs and a public footpath.
The place is very quiet and ideal for vacation. There are authentic stone houses or ruins that are several hundred years old in the neighborhood

Kameno is a 10-minute drive from Herceg Novi.