Mini hotel in Susanj, Bar

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Mini hotel in Susanj, Bar
In this estate there are two buildings which share a yard of 408sq.m. A large house measures over 564sq.m and a small house, next to it, measures 40sq.m.
Having apartments, rooms and business premises, this house offers excellent opportunity for a business during the summer or all year around.  It could also be rented or just used as a comfortable family home.
This house is located in the centre of Bar’s main tourist area, 150m far from the sea, and has a long tradition of family business in tourism, retail and catering.
Description of a large house (564sq.m.):
1. On the ground floor of a large house there are business premises of 65sq.m with a storage ,  cooling and office space of 115sq.m. The premises are completely equipped with the furniture and the equipment for the retail business.
2. On the first floor, which measures 179 m2 there are two 2 flats: one with three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and big balcony. Other flat has two rooms, living room with kitchen and bathroom.
3. On the second floor (penthouse), which measures 179 sq.m .there are eight rooms, four bathrooms and a balcony, with a beautiful sea view.
Description of a small house (40sq.m.):
In the small house there are two, fully furnished, apartments with kitchen and bathroom which measures 40sq.m. (2x20sq.m). This house could be easily converted into business premises (as they used to be). The apartments have their separate entrance to the main road and use the balcony above them.
Description of the yard (408sq.m.):
In the yard, there is a nice summer bar (fully equipped) on two levels (80 seats), covered with wine and kiwi trees and with a barbecue grill. In the past, it was used as a fish and barbecue restaurant.
There are two other gardens, one with a palm tree and a fountain and the other with citrus, avocado, and pomegranate trees.  There are flowers and rare plants all around the estate.
In the yard there is also a hydrophor pump which provides the houses with constant water supply.
Parking spaces are used along the fence or one part of the garden could be converted for this purpose.