Land on the front line in Utjeha


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About the property

Large plot on the first line to the sea, Utjeha


Plot description:

Plot is located on the first line to the sea and is covered with low vegetation.
Electricity connections are nearby. According to the planning, part of the plot will be bought by the state for road construction. The plot consists from several cadastral parcels zoned for tourist purpose.
Attention - the presented coefficients are taken from the open access planning plan for this zone.

Area: Bar
Location: Utjeha
Distance to the sea: 5m
Size: 6,710m2
Construction index: 1,2
Density index: 0,4
Max number of levels: P+2
Zoned for tourism purpose
Nearest beach: 5m

Utjeha is a small village, very green and calm. Restaurants and cafes are nearby. Excellent place for holiday.

The above information is considered accurate and reliable and is provided by the seller and a reliable source. However, the ultimate responsibility for due diligence rests with the buyer and we strongly recommend hiring professional legal assistance.


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