Complex in Trebesin

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Land area

Complex for sale in Trebesin
The complex is located on the hillside, approximately 2km from the sea.
It consists of 14 plots, on two of which construction has recently begun (shall and core work has been completed).
All of the plots have UT conditions.
  Plot areas:

- UP1 - area of 489m2 - started construction of the building
- UP2 - area of 623m2
- UP3 - area of 690m2- paid building permit
- UP4 - area of 835m2
- UP5 - area of 681m2- started construction of the building
- UP6 - area of 720m2 - paid building permit
- UP7 - area of 663m2
- UP8 - area of 687m2
- UP9 - area of 531m2
- UP10 - area of 722m2
- UP11 - area of 727m2
- UP12 - area of 654m2
- UP13 - area of 798m2
- UP14 - area of 564m2
Land price: 90.00 euros / sqm + houses in shall and core stage at a price of 185,000.00 and 195,000,000 euros

The total price does not include the two houses in construction.
There is a road built leading to the plot. Connection cabinet for electricity is set on the plot.