Building plot with a project above Jaz beach


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Building plot with a project above Jaz beach

GBA   9.050m2

Location „Svinjište II" is located on the right side of the old road
Budva - Kotor and belongs to the part called Prijevor 2.

Locations for settlement „Svinjišta II" represent rural space on the
field with the evident inclination and falling to the south - towards the
sea, above sea level height from 108m to 219m. On the boundary with
the plot in the north is the old village road.
Through the same plot can be planned hiking trails reach the church
of Sv. Archangel Michael and to settlements Svinjište II.
In the south of the plot, there is a watercourse.
Most of the surface is covered with macchia, a smaller part is under
high planting.

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