Beach front plots for sale, zoned for hotels on Velika Plaza, Ulcinj

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Large beach front plots for sale, urbanized for the construction of high-class hotels on the Velika Plaza (Long Beach). The location is excellent, right on the 11 km long sandy beach in the south coast of Montenegro. This is still undeveloped area with huge potential.
The plots have a total of 18,049 m2 and consist of three separate parcels:

The first plot, which has a 65 meters long beach front, is 5098 m2 -  the whole parcel planned for the hotel is 5456 m2 and the additional 358 m2 is owned by the state, which is not a problem to complete the planning parcel.
The planning allows construction of a 4 or 5 star Hotel, with 46 units and additional facilities. In total 3.274 m2 of GBA, P+6.

The second plot has a total of 11372 m2 (of which area for the construction is 8.300m2) and is located 150 meters from the first plot, zoned for the high class hotels as well.
It is allowed to build GBA 5,700m2, P +6 (7 levels), 70 rooms and additional hotel and tourist facilities.

The third plot, has 1589 m2, and it is allowed to build a building of 11 floors (P + 10)  GBA 1,059 m2.

The hotel owners can also rent 65 m wide beach in front of the hotels.

The price of all plots, total for 18.049m2 is 400 EUR / m2 = 7.200.000 EUR

Also, the plots can be purchased individually, in which case the prices are as follows:
Plot 1 along the beach, 5098 m2 is priced 700 EUR / m2 if sold separately
Plot 2, of 11 372 m2, is priced 350 EUR / m2 if sold separately
Plot 3, of 1589 m2, is priced 250 EUR / m2 if sold separately.

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