Bar real estate – market review

What are the real estate prices in Bar?

What are the micro locations in Bar?

What type of properties are there and what is the infrastructure like in Bar?

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Bar is a modern, coastal town that has been intensely developing since the ‘70s. It has a great microclimate with on average 270 sunny days. Thanks to its wide boulevards, ample parking, large marina and its port, Bar has developed infrastructure. It is well connected with inland (Podgorica, Beograd) as well as with the rest of the coast (the Adriatic highway). Bar is the biggest coastal town in Montenegro and the least reliant on tourism. If you are looking to spend more than just a vacation in Montenegro or to move here for good, then Bar is probably the best option.


  • Type of properties: This is a residential suburb mostly consisting of the houses but the number of apartment buildings is growing each year. In the near future, apartments will outnumber the houses. The building styles vary from modern and technologically well-equipped houses to the low budget ones.
  • Infrastructure: Susanj is a well-organized part of the town which is active all year long as most of the residents are locals. There are numerous grocery stores, an elementary school, pharmacies, bakeries, etc. The part of the town that is close to the sea is connected to the sewage system. Wide four-lane boulevard with two roundabouts stretches along the whole coastal part and along the beach. The boulevard branches into local streets that are wide and have city lighting, but as you keep going up the hill, the streets are becoming narrower and steeper.


  • Type of properties: Sutomore mostly consists of holiday homes. Types vary from multi-unit apartment buildings for rent to small privately-owned holiday homes. Residential buildings are mostly located nearby the school area and are inhabited by locals. Most properties were built in ’80 and ’90.
  • Infrastructure: Sutomore is a coastal town and its long sandy beach is flanked by the beautiful promenade with numerous restaurants, hotels and coffee shops. It is very busy in the summer while very calm in the winter. Despite being small, Sutomore has its own bus station, rail station, petrol station, elementary school and kindergarten, supermarkets, pharmacies, green market, etc.


  • Type of properties: Bjelisi is a residential suburb that mostly consists of privately-owned houses. They are located in the hinterland, towards the mountain (on the other side of the railway). It is also mostly inhabited by the locals. This area started to develop in the ’80 and it is only 5min driving distance from the city centre.
  • Infrastructure: There is one big and few smaller markets, city lighting and decent road infrastructure. Bjelisi is very close to the city centre, and the pharmacies, post office, green market, etc.


  • Type of properties: Barsko Polje is mostly inhabited by the locals who live in privately-owned houses. Polje started to develop in ‘80s as well. It is located on the left and the right side of the Adriatic highway from Bar to Ulcinj. Besides the residential properties there are also commercial objects such as warehouses, workshops, car mechanics. The main train station and the industrial zone are located next to this area.
  • Infrastructure: Infrastructure system is good in Polje, the streets are wide with city lighting, there is elementary school, numerous grocery stores, hospital, etc. The city centre is only 10min drive.


  • Type of properties: Dobre Vode and Utjeha are densely populated holiday places located along the Adriatic highway, starting from Ujtin Potok (Bar municipality) and ending in Kunje (Ulcinj municipality). Both places have many beautiful beaches and inlets. Most properties are south-west oriented with lots of Sun and beautiful sea views. Main type of property is holiday home but in the last 10 years a lot of small hotels and residential buildings were built. The prices are more affordable in this area than in the other parts of Bar.
  • Infrastructure: Infrastructure development followed completely the building boom in this area. Lots of houses still don’t have mains water supply but use water from the private reservoirs, this is expected to be changed in the near future as new water supply system has been constructed. There are many restaurants, coffee shops, beach bars and grocery stores working in the summer time but during the winter months only few are open.

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