What is being sold on the coast of Montenegro


The Montenegrin coastline is not long, only approximately 300 km from one border to another. Yet when you drive along the coast it feels as if you have traveled from Venice to Turkey in just a few hours. Kotor old town and Perast have a distinctly Venetian feel and architecture, Budva is truly Mediterranean and when you reach Ulcinj you can see the eastern influence. The nature itself is also very different: from the steep mountains that circle the Bay of Kotor, to the magnificent pebble and sand  beaches of Budva with their stunning background of pine trees to the 11 km long sandy beach in Ulcinj with its tropical feel  –  you have it all in a very small area.

And in each area one can find a different type of property :

The UNESCO protected old towns of Kotor and Perast and their dramatic mountain backdrop around Kotor Bay is ideal for people looking for stunning sea views and settings, peaceful evenings and beautiful old architecture.
As for types of properties, according to our numbers 57% of all sold properties in this region were apartments, 35% houses and 21% ruins or plots. Thanks to  the configuration of the terrain  in the bay you can find stunning front line properties different to the rest of the coast, while the properties that are higher up have magnificent views.

Frontline properties are strong at retaining their value, so they are usually sold for the price of 3.000 EUR per sq m upwards depending on the state of the property. Properties that are not front line can vary greatly in price, but you can find a good apartment with sea views and pool for 2.000 to 2.500 per sq m. Typical front line stone villa in Dobrota and apartment with views.

If  your main requirement is to have the front line or great views, the Bay is the place to look for the property.


Budva is a vibrant tourist resort with stunning beaches and great night life. Most of the properties sold in Budva were apartments (80%), while only 20% of all sold properties were houses. The front line is reserved for hotels and tourist facilities. There are not that many houses for sale in general, but there is a great selection of modern, comfortable apartments in buildings with pools and all amenities. Not surprisingly the most expensive apartments are sold in Budva. The high end luxurious apartments can reach 4.000 to 5.000  EUR per sq m,  but at the same time you can find comfortable apartments in gated developments for approximately 2.500 EUR per sq m.
Example of a modern 5 star development in Budva. Small resorts that are scattered along the coast from Budva to Petrovac also offer many apartments that are perfect for summer holidays and rentals.

Beautiful  beaches, modern apartments and a great night life – that is Budva Riviera in short.

Bar is a modern town, not very touristy so a great choice if you want to live in Montenegro. Most of the properties sold this year in Bar were houses (90%).  There are many for sale in the area between Bar and Ulcinj and in Sutomore. From front line villas to more affordable  houses further from the sea.
Generally properties on Bar Riviera are cheaper compared to the other areas, you can find a house in decent condition for approximately 1.200 – 1.400 EUR per sq m, while apartments range from 1.000 to 1.500 EUR per sq m for average quality and location.You have to be very careful with paperwork as some of the areas do not have planning yet.
Bar is the biggest town and the biggest port on the coast of Montenegro.

Ivana Vukicevic