Villa in Sveti Stefan, with the views of the island and the sea

, Montenegro [ref: 10017]

€ 3,100,000
(£ 2,635,000)

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Property Details

Location: Sveti Stefan



Size: 998sq m

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Property Description

Villa in Sveti Stefan, overlooking the island and the sea

This fantastic villa is located on the edge of the pine tree forest, with views over the most famous landmark of Montenegro: Sveti Stefan hotel – island.
The views are unobstructed from all levels of the «VILLA DELMAR».
Total gross building area is 998 m2. Net area of ​​the building, without an open inner courtyard, is 862 m2. Residential net area without garages, swimming pools and patios, technical rooms, tanning beds) is 559m2.The house is located on a slope so that its two upper floor are on the level with the access road, while all three levels are facing the sea and Sveti Stefan.
The house has a flat roof that can be used for recreation purposes.

Used materials and technology:
-Monolithic seismic resistant reinforced concrete frame, double-layer waterproofing with protection by concrete blocks, thermal insulation.
-Facades: natural Montenegrin and Croatian stone of various finish on the building and the surrounding walls. External and internal walls are made from concrete and brick blocks.
-Internal and external doors of the extended size of 2,5 meters painted epoxy matte enamel.
-There is an art stained glass window facing the entrance to the house.
-Panoramic windows (with a height of 3.0 to 3.4 meters) are used with double-glazed windows 8 + 14 + 6 mm. Energy-saving glass produced by GLAVERBEL Czech Republic. The ALUMIL aluminum profile S-700 system from Greece, the highest quality in the local market, especially due to its use for especially high sliding windows without a lower floor threshold. Stainless steel window locking systems from GU Germany. In the area of ​​the staircase and elevator reinforced profiles and sun-protective tinted blue glass are used.
-The floors of the house, the walls of the bathrooms are made of high-quality Italian ceramic granite and mosaic, marble. The bedrooms have parquet (hardwood) floors. Floor in the pool area: wood-polymer composite board Legro Ultra (Hungary).
-The walls and the bottom of the pool and the hammam are made of Spanish mosaic. The walls and ceiling of the sauna are made of pine and cedar wood.-Fencing of all terraces is triplex and stainless steel.-There is a facade illumination.
-Electrical adjustment equipment from Le grand France.
-Low-noise sewage pipes with gasket are used exclusively in walls and vertical shafts.

The layout
The First floor (total gross area 322 sq. m, net area 275 sq.m) comprises entrance hall with a staircase and an elevator (20.3 sq. m.); corridors (8 sq.m.), the second staircase (8.2 sq. m.); Bedroom (16.6 sq.m.) with a bathroom (4.6 sq.m.) and walk-in closet (4.1 sq.m.);
Gym (23.8 sq.m.) with the recreation room (15.0 sq.m.), shower room (5.0 sq.m.), hammam (4.7 sq.m.), sauna (4.5 sq.m.), toilet (2.0 sq.m.);
Home movie theater or a billiard room (25.6 sq.m.);Vinotheque (14.5 sq.m.);
Service apartment includes bedroom, kitchen, bathroom (18.0 sq.m.)Technical rooms of 67.7 sq.m. (Laundry, storerooms, water boilers, elevator equipment, swimming pools with overflow capacity, etc.).
In front of the building on this floor there is a terrace (40.6 m2) and a patio, a barbecue and a fountain (220.6 m2). The walls of the fence of the site, the outer wall of the pool are decorated with natural stone. The area, enclosed by a hedge, has a built-in chiller with heat pump function.The height of the ceilings of -1 floor is 3.4 meters.
The floor is connected to the ground ( «0») floor by two staircases. There is also an elevator that moves between the floors and the roof

The ground floor (total gross area 291.7 sq.m, net area 346.2 sq.m) comprises main entrance, entrance hall and corridor 11,4 (20.3 sq.m.) with a staircase (4.5 sq.m.), elevator, with a bathroom and a shower (2.6 sq.m.);
Kitchen combined with the dining room (26.1 sq.m.);Living room (59.7 sq.m.) with fireplace and terrace (14.0 sq.m.);bedroom (19.4 sq.m.) with bathroom (3.0 sq.m.). Bedroom can be used as working space.
Winter garden (33.2 sq.m.). The winter garden has a retractable roof, consisting of both metal slats with polyurethane filling and adjustable for the angle of inclination. This solution allows you to create the most comfortable conditions in the room at any time of the year and in any weather.
Garage (28.6 sq.m.) for two cars.
Beside the house is a swimming pool with overflow system (41 sq.m.) with hot water flow, waterfall, hydro massage and area with deck chairs (36,0 sq.m), and a shower.The height of the ceilings of this floor is 3.7 meters.

The upper residential floor (total gross area 129.3 sq.m., net area 165.3sq.m):Hall with a staircase and an elevator (20.3 sq.m.) and a corridor (9.6 sq.m.),Three bedrooms (15.4, 15.3 and 48.5 sq. m. each). Each bedroom has a separate bathroom (4.2, 3.9, 8.4 sq.m.) and a dressing room (2.4, 2.3, 8.3 sq.m.), respectively.Master bedroom is divided into a bedroom and a boudoir zone, there is a wood burning fireplace.Ceiling height of this floor is 3.25m.

The roof (163.3 sq.m.):Technical area about 24 sq.m. (solar systems, chiller with heat pump);Recreation area (about 140 sq.m.): a solarium with sun loungers and shower, a sofa area and a bar, fenced off from the technical zone by greens.


Security alarm system with video cameras is installed around the perimeter of the site, fire alarm system with alarm signaling by phone numbers, WEB video surveillance cameras inside the building. Video recording system.WiFi routers on all floors, digital TV system, acoustic wiring in the pool and suteren zone.
The villa is under construction now, the planned finish is the end of 2019.


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