Land with a view of the sea and the city of Herceg Novi

, Montenegro [ref: 9011]

€ 69,000
(£ 59,340)
Land with a view of the sea and the city of Herceg Novi

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Property Details

Location: Herceg Novi



Size: 450mq

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Property Description

• The project is located in the area of ​​Topla, 950 meters from the sea shore at the foot of the most beautiful mountain range of Orjen.
• At the same time, shops, markets, bakeries, tennis courts, beauty salons, restaurants and cafes are located just 15 minutes away, as well as one of the best beaches of the Herceg Novi Riviera – Rafaello.
• The complex is located on the slope of the mountain, oriented to the southeast.
• The areas adjacent to the complex are not urban, that is, they will not be built up, but are designated as “green zones”.
A good wide road leads to the sites. Quiet, convenient area.
Land surveying was carried out, geodetic survey was done, the areas were cleaned of excess vegetation, geomechanical investigation of the soil was carried out, urban areas and technical conditions were obtained for all sites. For the first villa, an ideological and main project was developed, and a building permit was obtained.
The total area of ​​the complex is 1,860m2. For sale are plots with an area of ​​450m2, 501m2 and 764m2. It is possible to combine the bordering sections. The complex offers construction of 3-level villas, up to 250m2.
The cost of plot No. 5, with an area of ​​450m2, with a full package of documents, all necessary approvals, elaborates, project and building permit is 69,000 euros.
The cost of plot No. 8, with an area of ​​501m2, is 57,615 euros; The cost of plot No. 6, with an area of ​​764m2, is 87,860 euros.