Land plot with planning, 200 meters from the sea in Rijeka Rezevica

Rijeka Rezevici
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Land plot with planning, 200 meters from the sea in Rijeka Rezevica

The plot has 4202 m2 of the mostly flat and only partially sloping land. It is covered partially with low vegetation.The location is excellent, below the main road, only 200 meters from the sea. The property consists of several parcels located in the vicinity. Part is zoned for the hotel, part for the apart - hotel, and part for the roads.

Area: Budva Riviera
Location: Rijeka Rezevici
Distance to sea: 200 m
Size: 4202 m2

The site consists of two planning lots UP 10 and UP 65.

Planning details for the UP10
Density index 0.25
Construction index 0.75
Levels: S+P+1
GBA: 2.175 sq m
Zoned for: tourist development and individual construction (apart hotels)

The total size of the parcels is approximately 2900 m2, they are part of the larger planning lot (UP10 of 6.157 sq m). As the UP is zoned for apart - hotels, it is possible to build individual buildings for that purpose.

Planning details for the UP65
Density index 0.33
Construction index 1.45
Levels: P+5
Zoned for: tourist development (hotel)

The total size of the land parcels is 663 sq m, they are part of the larger planning lot (UP65 that is 2.967 sq m) and it is not possible to build without the agreement with the owner of other parcels.

Access: public road (asphalt)
Electricity: on site
Water: on the edge of the site

Location description:

Rijeka Rezevici is a charming Mediterranean-style place on the Budva Riviera, the Budva old town is 15km from the site. The place is known for luxurious villas, beautiful and clean beaches.

The above information is considered accurate and reliable and is provided by the seller. However, the ultimate responsibility for due diligence rests with the buyer and we strongly recommend hiring professional legal assistance.