Prince Nikola of Montenegro is organising a replica of the dinner held in the court of Cetinje 107 years ago

The original dinner was held to celebrate the birthday of the Montenegrin Queen Milena in 1907 and this gala evening will have an identical menu and follow the same protocol. The guests will enjoy a 10 course formal dinner.
The foundation ‘Petrovic Njegos’ which is run by Nikola II, the great grandson of the last king of Montenegro Nikola I and Queen Milena, will organise the event, to be held on 10th of October in Cetinje.
The french chef Philippe Hardy is coming to Montenegro specifically for the event, and many other French and Montenegrin companies are assisting in organising the dinner. The Prince will host 40 guests from the diplomatic, cultural and political life of Montenegro. The funds collected on the evening will be used to finance sending young chefs from the Milocer culinary school to France to study under some of the most eminent chefs from the world.