I understand it’s a buyers’ market so how do I make my property stand out?

  1. First, do an appraisal of the market. What are similar properties on the market for and crucially, what are they selling for? Contact info@montenegroprospects.com for the selling prices in your area. Pitch your property at the right price but with enough room for negotiation.
  2. Find out who is buying in that area and approach a proactive agency who have the experience and knowledge in approaching that buyer market.
  3. Think what attracted you to it in the first place? Tell the agent, so that it can appear in brochures and be communicated to prospective buyers. Be honest with yourself…What’s the worst thing about the property? Is there anything you can do to fix it or lessen the impact?
  4. State what rental yield you are achieving (if applicable).
  5. Take great photos of the property inside and out. Many buyers choose which properties they want to view based on a few photos on an agents website. Unfortunately, these photos often do not show the property in its best light and buyers discard the property at the very first stage.

If you walked into a cluttered, smelly shop, and found a creased, dirty shirt on the floor in your size, would you buy it? The answer varies – some wouldn’t have walked into the shop in the first place, others would see it as a chance for a bargain and demand a large discount, but very few would be happy to pay the price on the label. There are a number of properties on the market that are cluttered and smelly and expect to achieve the asking price! At the height of the market (the equivalent of first day of the sales, if we’re still shopping), you had to buy it like that. Now that buyers are the only ones in the shop, they can take their time and get excellent quality for a very good price.