How do I get a residency permit?

How do I get a residency permit in Montenegro?

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A foreign citizen can obtain a residency permit in Montenegro based on a property purchase or work permit. There are other ways such as studying in Montenegro but the above two are the most common. A temporary residence permit is issued for a period of 12 months, and can be renewed each year. The spouse and children under 18 of the holder of a residency permit are also entitled to residency.

Permanent residence can be approved if the foreign citizen has spent more than 5 years in Montenegro (with a temporary permit), has been married to a Montenegrin citizen (or to a foreign citizen who has permanent residence) for more than 3 years, has Montenegrin origin or is a child or close relative of a Montenegrin citizen or OF a foreign citizen who has permanent residence in Montenegro.

Most frequent questions on obtaining the residency permit via property purchase:

Q: Are  foreign property buyers able to obtain residence permit in Montenegro?
A: Yes – based on the ownership of a property in Montenegro (regardless of its value) foreign citizens can obtain A residency permit.

Q: Will any type of property do?
A: Only  residential or commercial properties such as houses, apartments, commercial units, hotels, restaurants and holiday homes. The purchase of  land plots, ruins or other non-residential buildings would not qualify you for A residency permit. But once the property is renovated/built and registered in the land registry you would be able to obtain the permit based on the property ownership.

Q: Can someone be a co-owner of the property and still be able to obtain residence permit in Montenegro?
A: According to the new law, the applicant has to have co-ownership over the property with at least A 50% share in order to obtain A residence permit. Basically, it means two people can obtain the residency permit based on the ownership of one property.

Q: How long is the permit valid and can it be renewed?
A: The permit is issued for one year and it can be renewed annually as long as you still own the property.

Q: How long do I need to live in Montenegro during the year?
A: As the permit is being renewed annually, the property owner has to spend in Montenegro at least eleven months. If you need to spend more than one month out of Montenegro during this year you have to officially inform the Police and you can spend up to three months abroad.

Q: What documents do I need for the residency?
A: Please check this link for the list of documents needed for the residency permit LIST OD DOCUMENTS

Q: How long does it take to get the permit?  
A: Once you submit the paperwork, the authorities have 40 days to issue the permit (id document). Once the paperwork is submitted you will receive the confirmation that the process has started.

Q: How much would it cost for you to organize this for me?
A: For clients who have purchased property through us it is free of charge. Otherwise the fee is 250 EUR (stamp taxes are included in this amount). We can help you with the obtaining the residency permit in Kotor, Budva, Tivat and Bar.
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