What can I do to spruce up my property to help it sell?

There are a number of things you can do at no or little cost that will help to show your property in its best light. Here are a few of the basic ones:

  1. Clear clutter away
  2. Clear away most personal items (clothes, lots of photo frames etc) but important to leave the odd item ( eg. one coat hanging up, one photo frame on a shelf so that it looks lived in and not sterile)
  3. If the room looks cold, place a rug on the floor, a throw over a bed or sofa, put curtains or blinds up at the window
  4. Make beds up, as if you are expecting guests any moment
  5. Use air fresheners – ideally the plug in type – this can do wonders if the property is not inhabited, and is especially important in older properties
  6. When styling photos for brochures and websites, you can increase the feel that this is a lived in, loved property by    – laying tables (even at the most basic level, with a couple of wine glasses and some olives)
    – place fresh colourful items, (eg a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit) to convey freshness and life
    – Put out sunloungers round the pool, chairs on the balcony etc
  7. A wide angle camera will need to be used for interior shots, just to include the whole room. Most agents have one.
  8. In general, take photos in the morning or afternoon, not at midday, when the light is harsh. Turn the flash off, and turn the lights on.
  9. Take photos of one room leading to another, of the living room leading onto a balcony etc. It helps for buyers to see the layout and how the property fits together.

The idea is you want people to be able to picture themselves living there, to feel like they could move in now and be happy. Call in to see us or email info@montenegroprospects.com for further advice specific to your property.