My experience with Land Registry Budva

In December 2012  we bought a small apartment in Budva.  The signing of the purchase contract and the buying process was conducted quickly and efficiently in the notary’s office in Budva, after which they submitted the paperwork to the Land Registry office to change the ownership title.  Very soon after, we received the Resenje, a document issued by the land registry stating all is in order so that we can be registered officially as the new owners.

Officially the Resenje has to be sent by mail both to the buyer and the seller, and the land registry has to receive confirmation that it was received by both parties. 8 days after the confirmation is received, the Resenje becomes legally binding. Unfortunately we encountered a problem. Our sellers were Russian and the copy was sent to their address in Russia, but no confirmation of receipt was received.

The first time I enquired why the change of the title was delayed, the problem was explained to me and they suggested I try to find the confirmation in the post office or to find the sellers! Both were impossible.

The second time I asked to meet the Chief of the Land Registry in Budva, who was very polite and helpful. He said that in cases like this they can post the Resenje on the notification board in their offices and after a week it becomes legally binding. I was to come back in 10 days to collect my List Nepokretnosti.

The third time I went, the title had not been changed yet, so I was told to talk to the lady who was in charge of my documentation. She informed me that that all is in order now, the Resenje is legally binding and that she has passed the documents on to another lady who is in charge of typing in the changes in their records. Again this was to happen in a few days.

The fourth time I contacted them, I called and asked about my List Nepokretnosti and was told all is ok and I can come to collect it.

The fifth time I came to do so and it turned out that again it still had not been done! This time I was directed to meet with the lady who was responsible for typing in the changes. She took a look at my file and finally changed the title of the property in front of me…without explaining the delay!

After 12 months we finally got the List Nepokretnosti in our names. I found the whole process very frustrating! My advice: Hire a lawyer to represent you in the purchase process. They will give their address to receive any documents. As they receive official paperwork by post regularly, the post office is much more careful when dealing with them, and documents are much less likely to get lost.