Residence Permit in Montenegro

Most common Questions about getting the residence permit in Montenegro and how we can help you with the procedure?

Last update: 04 Feb 2019

Q: Are the foreign property buyers able to obtain residence permit in Montenegro?
A: Yes – based on the ownership of a property in Montenegro (regardless of its value) the foreign citizens can obtain residency permit.

Q: Will any type of property do?
A: Only the residential or commercial properties such as houses, apartments, commercial units, hotels, restaurants and holiday homes. The purchase of the land plots, ruins or other non-residential buildings would not qualify you for the residency permit.

Q: Can someone be a co-owner of the property and still be able to obtain residence permit in Montenegro?
A: According to the new law, the applicant has to have co-ownership over the property with at least 50% share in the ownership in order to obtain the residence permit. Basically, it means two people can obtain the residency permit based on the ownership of one property.

Q: How long is the permit valid and can it be renewed?
A: The permit is issued for one year and it can be renewed annually as long as you own the property.

Q: How long do I need to live in Montenegro during this year to keep my residence permit?
A: As the permit is being renewed annually, the property owner has to spend in Montenegro at least eleven months. If you need to spend more than one month out of Montenegro during this year you have to officially inform the Police and you can spend up to three months abroad.

Q: How long does it take to prepare all the documents?
A: Usually it takes three days for papers that are issued in Montenegro (please see list of required documents in the bottom)

Q: How much would it cost for you to organize this for me?
A: For clients who have purchased property through us it is free of charge. Otherwise the fee is 250 EUR (stamp taxes are included in this amount). We can help you with the obtaining the residency permit in Kotor, Budva, Tivat and Bar.
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List of required documents:

1. Proof of ownership of the property (List nepokretnosti) that is not older than 6 months
2. Proof from the bank of a 3.650 EUR deposit into a bank in Montenegro
3. Valid medical insurance for a period of not less than 30 days
4. Copies of each page of a valid passport
5. Certificate of no criminal record from the country of origin (not older than 6 months and officially translated).
Also, within 24 hours of your arrival in Montenegro you need to register your arrival with the local police branch or with the closest tourist office (turisticka organizacija). You will need to be registered there in order to receive the permit.)