Who offers property insurance in Montenegro?

There are many companies offering insurance in Montenegro, but we would recommend:

Lovcen Osiguranje will insure your property for 1 EUR per sqm if the property is inhabited and 1,5 EUR per sqm if the property is only used occasionally.They have offices in all major towns throughout Montenegro. You will need to bring your Passport or some other ID, and to know details of your property (size and similar, best to take ownership list – List Nepokretnosti). More information on http://www.lovcenosiguranje.co.me/eng/property_insurance.php

or Uniqa osiguranje https://www.uniqa.me/fizicka-lica/imovina-osobe/osiguranje-domacinstva-5/

Hiscox Insurance offer property insurance in various countries including Montenegro. Insurance can only be provided through a broker in the UK. We have negotiated excellent terms for Montenegro Prospects clients with Underwood Insurance. As a guide, a 2 bedroom apt with €10k worth of contents, plus public liability and accidental damage will cost approx €100/year. Contact info@montenegroprospects.com or Overseas@underwoodisl.co.uk quoting “Montenegro Prospects” or visit www.overseaspropertyinsurance.co.uk for more information.