How do I get a copy of the ownership list or deeds of my house?

Last revision: January 2019

The easiest way to get a copy of the ownership list would be to contact your lawyer however one can also obtain a copy direct from the Land Registry office (usually in the Municipality office). For a stamped copy you would need to pay 8 EUR fee.

Alternatively you can check it on line at following link ( username and password are the same: KORISNIK ).

How to search:

  1. Choose the town town,

  2. Then the part of the town (K.O. – katastarska opstina) and

  3. Finally you will need the number of the ownership list (broj Lista Nepokretnosti) or

  4. The number of the land parcel (Broj Parcele) on which your property is located.

The data is updated every month or two.